At Catalyst, your journey is the priority, and I look forward to meeting you in person. Until then, my name is Brian Killworth, and my education is in professional counseling, which means I have completed a Master’s degree as well as internships designed to broaden my knowledge of working with different populations and issues.

I am licensed through the state of Texas, and I am nationally board certified, which is to say I uphold the highest levels of professionalism and ethics. I began my career in social work, where my focus remained on a client’s immediate needs, like housing and food, for nearly a decade.

After completing my degree, my focus turned to individuals recovering from addiction and our collective need for connection — with ourselves and with others. I have worked closely within the LGBTQQIA+ community in Austin on relationship issues, overcoming shame, and building healthy self-concepts.

My counseling style is compassionate and strengths-based. I often use Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and spirituality to help guide clients toward individualized paths to healing.